My name is Shyam Mishra and I am from Bihar. I am currently studying BCA, Web Desion and web devloper. I'm studying here and staying here! In last month, a 100% Scholarship was awarded in which 100 participants took part in a seminar.
It was a fun experience, I think I can learn hacking like my principal says sir.
The reason I have a strong interest in computer / mobile hacking services is that I want to take advantage of my expand-oriented brain and implement skills and knowledge in all our degree courses and a self-oriented and over-achiever I see as a person.
I performed this through working with different types of people in various different Projects, in which I am successful in performing well!
I would like to open my own software company which will be launched after my mca. I will kick off my company and state from this company and I think that will be successful too !!

Just do all of your support..

I Hope you would be happy to know about me.

About me